The majestic hill top, walled town of Todi is approximately 15 minutes drive  (9km) from the Borgo. A study by Richard Levine, Professor at the University of Kentucky, concluded that Todi is one of the best places in the world to live on the basis of its environment, housing and lifestyle. Cars can be parked at the foot of the Todi town from where a funicular lift ascends to the centre in couple of minutes. The views are breathtaking and an extensive range of restaurants, shops, cultural and historical attractions are on hand. Before going it is worth spending a few minutes looking through the guide books and information at:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Todi   http://www.todi.net/   http://comune.todi.pg.it/fap/    

The only region on the Italian peninsula without a coastline, Umbria is as green as it is mountainous. Olive groves and wine yards undulate sleepy villages, while town walls on hilltops bear withess of merchant rivalry and religious feuds.

Within easy reach and good for day trips are Orvieto (35km), Deruta (35km), Assisi (66km), Perugia (55km), Montefalco and Bevagna (55km), Spolleto (83km), Gubbio (90km), Marmone Waterfalls etc. Further away but still very accessible are Rome (155km), Florence (190km) and Siena (150km).

You can find more info about Umbria itself here:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umbria   http://www.lifeinitaly.com/tourism/umbria


Ideal for long walks directly from the property. Beach and water sport facilities at the nearby Lake Trasimeno (85km). A golf course in Ellera Umbra (28km) ang Golf Club Perugia (18 holes). Private tennis court is located directly within the borgo, 1 min. walk from the villa.

Upon request against separate charge special activities may be organised: cities and touring, events and festivals, food and wine, nature and sports.

Also, private cooking lessons or a private cook at home for a customised lunch, buffet, dinner or BBQ can be arranged. For this we have an exclusive partnership with a young Italian chef.